"After having two children I found doing any exercise very hard to achieve. I began with personal training sessions with Suze from home.  This was a perfect way for me to gain strength and develop correct technique in an environment that I felt comfortable in. From there Suze gave me the confidence to attend a local boot camp where she has also been the trainer. This is my third boot camp which is major achievement for someone who had no inclination to ever do such a thing.

Suze is an inspirational person. She is clear in her instruction,  personable, well organised and hardworking. I look forward to participating in future ventures that REAL Fitness has to offer. "

- Nicola


"I trained with Suze while she was becoming qualified as a PT.  Suze really made me realise it wasn’t just the exercise that I did for my body but what went into the body as well.  Suze is professional, motivated and lead by example by being there by my side showing how it should be done.  Suze was just as committed to me reaching my goals as I was.  I feel fitter than I have in years – thanks Suze for not just helping me to reach those small goals but helping me choose a better lifestyle. "

- Michelle


"Six months ago I was looking for something to get me motivated again to get fit and became a client of Suze's. Since then thanks to Suze and her inspirational personal achievements and her guidence at the gym I have reached my own personal goals and will continue to keep fit! For someone like me who needs lots of motivation it was great a great move to have Suze as a personal trainer. Highly recommended!"

- Cisca


"I had a big running goal to achieve and while I had no problem beating the paths with my feet, I needed some guidance to get the rest of my body in order. Thank goodness for Suze. She quickly ascertained what muscle groups needed strengthening and got my exercise regime cranking. Even better, she helped me understand what I was doing and why.

Suze is exceptionally well organised, punctual and genuinely cares. She is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone with lifestyle and fitness goals."

- Debbie


"I worked with Suze whilst she was training to be a personal trainer. She was very dedicated and committed; she often went out of her way to make time to meet up with me. I really liked her friendly, caring and supportive approach. The programme she set up for me was suitably challenging and she explained how to safely use the equipment at the gym. I would highly encourage anyone to take her on as a PT as she really listened to what my goals were and tried to help me to get there."

- Cath